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The Screenshot Game: Fin is a grey dinosaur lurking on our game page. Hopping and running across our text! We are offering a $100 prize every four hours. If you spot him, take a screenshot, and upload it using the upload-icon below. Our "Screenshot Bounty Hunters" earn a $100 prize. See FAQ below for more information.

Upload Screenshot

How to capture Fin

  • He runs across our article text

  • Fin shows up after you have remained on our article posts for at least 2 min

  • So read click a category, choose an article, and take a screenshot once you spot him

  • Once you have captured a screenshot of Fin, upload it using the icon above

Click the "Search For Fin" button below to get started

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How often does Fin show up?
Question: Where exactly does Fin show up?
Question: How are winners selected?
Question: How and when will I receive the game prize?
Question: Who is eligible to play?
Question: What if I haven't responded to our "Winner" email?
Question: Do I have to pay taxes on the prize?
Question: Do I have to pay to participate?
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