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Last updated: December 25, 2023

Thank you for choosing Financiato! Before proceeding with our program, please carefully read the following disclaimer and no refund policy:

1. Financiato Program Overview

Financiato is a course/eBook/guidebook program designed to provide insights and strategies on how to generate income through blogging and advertising, similar to the methods employed by Financiato. By purchasing this program, you acknowledge that the success of your blog and advertising endeavors depends on various factors, and individual results may vary.

2. No Refund Policy

Due to the nature of our program and the potential for replication, Financiato operates under a strict no refund policy. Once the purchase is made, refunds will not be issued. We appreciate your understanding in this matter as our service could be vulnerable to exploitation after the content is accessed.

3. External Platforms and Policies

Financiato cannot be held responsible for changes in policies implemented by third-party platforms, including but not limited to Google AdSense, Ezoic, and other advertising services. These platforms may alter their policies without notice, and Financiato does not have control over such changes.

4. Website Quality and Services

Financiato does not take responsibility for the quality of your website or the services you choose to use for its development. We cannot be held accountable for the performance or outcomes resulting from the services you employ to build and maintain your website.

5. Use of Website Template

You are welcome to use our provided website template to facilitate the approval process with AdSense and other advertising platforms. However, the success of your application is subject to the policies and decisions of these platforms.

6. Content Copyright

The content provided in the Financiato eBook and guidebook is the intellectual property of Financiato. Visitors and buyers are strictly prohibited from copying, reproducing, or distributing the content without explicit permission.

7. Acknowledgment of Fragility

Please be aware that our program may be vulnerable to exploitation, and we rely on the goodwill and honesty of our users. By participating in Financiato, you acknowledge the fragility of our service and agree not to misuse or replicate its content.

8. Timeline

The time it takes to build your site depends on your speed. The 3-21 days is just an estimate. It could be done quicker or longer. It all depends. It only took us 3-21 days to build ours. 

9. No Post-Purchase Assistance

Once you have purchased eBooks, blogs, or courses from Financiato, please note that we do not provide any further assistance or guidance related to the content or its application. Any use of the materials is at your own discretion and risk. We recommend that you carefully review the provided materials and seek professional advice if needed for specific situations. Financiato does not assume any responsibility for the outcomes or consequences of using the purchased materials.

Financiato's Note: 

We thank you for joining Financiato, your guide to unlocking the world of passive income through website and blog creation. Before you dive into this exciting journey, we want to make sure you understand the nature of our program and the responsibilities that come with it.


Our Story, Your Adventure:

Financiato is more than just a guide; it's the culmination of our personal journey, two brothers navigating the realms of pizza delivery, part-time plumbing, and eventually stumbling upon the untapped potential of online monetization. We share our process, our triumphs, and the strategies that worked for us. But, and this is crucial, your journey may vary.


Empowerment, Not Guarantees:

While we provide insights into making money through websites and blogs, particularly through display ads on platforms like Google AdSense and Ezoic, we cannot guarantee your success. Our guide is a blueprint, not a promise. The online landscape evolves, and policies change. What worked for us may need adaptation for your unique circumstances. Furthermore, we made millions. We cannot guarantee that you will. With our idea, you can brainstorm a plethora of other ways to make money. 


Stay Informed, Stay Ahead:

We urge you to keep abreast of any updates or rule changes from the major ad platforms we discuss. Our success was born out of adaptability, and we encourage you to embrace the same spirit. If policies shift or strategies need tweaking, view it as an opportunity to brainstorm, innovate, and find new pathways to success.


Beyond the Guide:

Financiato is a starting point, not the final destination. If policies change or if you encounter roadblocks, remember that the online world is vast, and opportunities abound. Our guide is a testament to what worked for us, but it's not an exhaustive playbook. Let it inspire you to think creatively, explore new avenues, and discover your unique path to financial success.


Our Limitations:

We, the creators of Financiato, cannot be held responsible for any actions you take based on our guide. The responsibility lies with you to follow any rules, guidelines, or updates from the platforms mentioned. Your success is your own, and we are here to cheer you on, not to shoulder the consequences of your decisions.


Embark on your Financiato journey with enthusiasm, adaptability, and a readiness to carve your own path. Remember, the online world is dynamic, and your success lies in your ability to evolve with it.


**Passive Income Guide**


Dear Financiato Community,

Before you embark on your journey with Financiato, we want to ensure clarity regarding the terms and conditions of our program. Please read this disclaimer carefully.


**1. Informational Purposes Only:**

Financiato is designed to provide information and insights based on our personal experiences in creating passive income through website and blog monetization. It is not intended as professional advice.


**2. No Guarantees of Success:**

While we share our strategies and success story, we do not guarantee that following our guide will lead to similar results. The online landscape is dynamic, and outcomes may vary based on individual efforts and external factors.


**3. Not Financial or Legal Advice:**

Financiato does not constitute financial or legal advice. It is essential to conduct independent research and, if necessary, seek professional guidance before making financial decisions.


**4. Platform Policies and Updates:**

Users of Financiato are responsible for staying informed about the policies and updates of the online platforms mentioned in the guide, such as Google AdSense and Ezoic. Policies may change, and users must adapt accordingly.


**5. Adaptability is Key:**

Success in online endeavors often requires adaptability. Users are encouraged to think creatively and explore alternative strategies if faced with changes in platform policies or unforeseen challenges.


**6. Limitation of Liability:**

The creators of Financiato cannot be held liable for any consequences resulting from the use of the information provided. Users assume full responsibility for their actions, decisions, and outcomes.


**7. No Warranty:**

Financiato is provided "as is" without any warranty, expressed or implied. The creators make no representations or warranties regarding the accuracy or completeness of the information provided.


**8. Release of Claims:**

By using Financiato, users agree to release the creators from any claims, damages, or liabilities arising from their actions or decisions based on the information provided in the guide.


**9. Legal Jurisdiction:**

This disclaimer is governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the United States. Any disputes arising from or in connection with this disclaimer shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in the United States.


**10. Acknowledgment:**

By using Financiato, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agreed to the terms of this disclaimer.


**11. No Refunds Policy:** 

By purchasing and accessing Financiato, you acknowledge and agree to the following no refunds policy:

Refund Exclusion:

We do not offer refunds for Financiato, which includes the ebook, templates, course, and guide. Once the purchase is made, it is considered final.


Digital Nature of the Program:

Financiato is a digital product, and upon purchase, you gain instant access to the materials. Due to the nature of digital content, refunds are not provided.


Commitment to Quality:

We are committed to providing high-quality, valuable content. If you encounter any issues or have concerns, we encourage you to reach out to our support team for assistance.

Policy Acceptance:

By completing the purchase of Financiato, you acknowledge and accept the no refund policy outlined in this section.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns about this disclaimer or our program, please contact Financiato through the "Contact Us" option available on our website to most users (not available to all, as our tools may classify your device with suspicious bot activity. We forfeit the right to add any additional information. We may choose not to have customer support for this program, as we have determined it is not needed. 

Effective Date: December 25, 2023

No Refund Policy

Advertising Disclaimer for Financiato

At Financiato, we want to ensure transparency regarding our advertising practices. Please take a moment to read the following information:

Billboard Analogy: Our website operates as a virtual billboard for advertisers. Similar to how drivers pass by a billboard without actively engaging with every advertisement, visitors to our website may encounter ads without necessarily interacting with them. This is a standard practice in online advertising.

Passive Participation: Visitors are encouraged to treat ads on our website similarly to those on a physical billboard—observe them passively. We do not advocate for or endorse clicking on ads artificially, as this is an unethical and discouraged practice that can negatively impact advertisers.

User Activity: As ads may be displayed on our site like any other website, we invite users to engage in regular online activities—reading content, exploring pages, and interacting with the site. This natural interaction aligns with ethical standards and respects the integrity of online advertising.

No Advocacy for Clicks: Financiato does not endorse or encourage visitors to click on ads with the intent of generating revenue through artificial means. We discourage any practices that may compromise the integrity of online advertising.

Not Responsible for Advertisers: It is important to note that Financiato is not responsible for the actions of advertisers. Our strategies and practices are designed to ensure a fair and ethical environment, and we strive to prevent any harm to advertisers participating on our platform.

By using our website, you acknowledge and agree to these advertising practices outlined in this section of the disclaimer.

Content Representation and Communication Policy

This section emphasizes the importance of fair representation, in which you must request permission for public commentary, and outlines the consequences for violations of these guidelines.

Thank you for your understanding.

To maintain a fair and accurate representation of Financiato and its content, we kindly request that individuals who have engaged with our book, guide, or template adhere to the following guidelines:

1. No Unauthorized Negative Public Statements: Those who have accessed Financiato's content are not permitted to publicly make negative statements or engage in any form of slander that may mislead potential buyers regarding the quality or value of our ideas and content.

2. Permission for Public Commentary: Any individual, including news outlets and reviewers, wishing to publicly discuss or review Financiato must seek explicit permission from Financiato. This applies to all forms of public communication, including written reviews, articles, blogs, podcasts, or any other means of expressing opinions.

3. Contact Us for Permission: To seek permission for public commentary, individuals should use the "Contact Us" option available on our website. Permission will be granted based on the merit and integrity of the request, and we encourage open communication for accurate representation.

4. Maintain Ethical Communication: Individuals granted permission for public commentary are expected to communicate ethically and truthfully. Misrepresentation, false claims, or any form of misleading information is strictly prohibited.

5. Legal Action for Violations: Financiato reserves the right to take legal action against individuals who violate these guidelines. This includes pursuing legal remedies for defamation, misrepresentation, or any other actions that may harm the reputation of Financiato.

By engaging with Financiato's content, you agree to adhere to these communication guidelines. We believe in fostering a fair and constructive environment for discussions and reviews.

We do not promise success.

This all depends on you. We wholeheartedly believe in the potential within each individual to attain success with our program. Our slogan, "If these can do it, you can too," or similar slogans on our pages, reflects our commitment to inspiring and motivating our community. However, it is essential to clarify that individual outcomes may vary, and the slogan is not a guarantee of specific results.

The success stories shared on our platform are meant to inspire and provide insights into diverse financial journeys. They do not serve as a promise or assurance that users will achieve similar results. The path to  success is influenced by numerous factors, including individual circumstances, strategies, and market conditions, which can differ significantly.

Financiato encourages responsible decision-making and recommends consulting with qualified professionals for personalized advice tailored to your unique situation. Remember that investment and financial decisions carry inherent risks, and it's crucial to conduct thorough research and consider professional guidance before making any significant financial commitments.

By utilizing our platform, users acknowledge that the success stories and motivational content provided are for informational purposes only. Financiato disclaims any liability for the accuracy, completeness, or applicability of such information to individual circumstances. Users are urged to exercise diligence and caution when implementing financial strategies and are solely responsible for their financial decisions.

Financiato remains dedicated to fostering a supportive community and providing educational resources. However, users are encouraged to use their judgment and seek professional advice to ensure that their financial decisions align with their specific goals and circumstances.


Disclaimer Regarding Professionalism and Language Use

While we strive for accuracy and clarity in our writing, we cannot guarantee that our content is free from errors or meets professional standards. We are not liable for any legal action or damages resulting from the use of our content. We believe that our language choices are simple and accessible to English-speaking individuals, but we cannot ensure that our content will be suitable for all audiences. Users are encouraged to use their discretion when relying on our materials.

Effective Date: December 25, 2023


We appreciate your understanding of these terms. If you do not agree with any part of this disclaimer, we recommend refraining from using Financiato.


Why are you still here? Go do it, and have fun! 


Creators of Financiato

Stylistic Choices

True Story Basis:
Our guide/eBook/course/template is based on a true story involving two millionaire brothers who have been interviewed. However, their identities are confidential and will not be disclosed to protect them from potential malicious activities. To further protect their success story, featuring two brothers on Financiato is a work of fiction created to safeguard the privacy of real individuals. The characters and events depicted in the narrative are not based on any actual persons or occurrences. We want to emphasize that this story, along with any associated guides or content, is presented as complete fiction, while the strategies and idea is complete non-fiction. While the storyline is fictional for their protection, we recognize the potential for inspiration and motivation that it may provide. Readers are encouraged to view the narrative as a source of creative encouragement rather than a representation of real-world events. The opportunities for success outlined in the story are fictional and may not reflect actual possibilities or outcomes. Financiato aims to foster a positive and empowering environment, and we believe in the potential for individuals to achieve financial success. However, it is essential to note that success is influenced by various factors, and individual results may vary. The portrayal of success in the fictional story is not a guarantee that readers will experience similar outcomes. Readers are reminded to approach financial decisions with caution, conduct thorough research, and, if necessary, seek professional advice. Financiato disclaims any responsibility for the applicability, accuracy, or completeness of the fictional content and encourages users to make informed choices based on their unique circumstances. By engaging with Financiato's content, readers acknowledge the fictional nature of the success story and understand that it is not representative of real individuals or events. While the characters' journey is a product of imagination, the platform remains committed to providing valuable resources and support for users on their genuine paths to financial well-being. All characters depicted in the fictional success story on Financiato are purely a product of imagination. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, or actual events is entirely coincidental. The individuals portrayed in the narrative bear no connection to any specific individuals in the real world. Financiato takes great care to craft fictional content that does not draw upon the likeness, identity, or experiences of any actual person. The use of names, characteristics, or backgrounds is entirely for creative purposes and should not be construed as representing any real individuals. Readers are advised to understand that the resemblance of characters in the story to any persons in the real world is unintentional and occurs coincidentally. Financiato respects the privacy and confidentiality of individuals and is committed to providing a fictional narrative that encourages creativity and motivation without infringing on the rights or identities of real individuals. It is important to clarify that the two fictionalized individuals (brothers), portrayed in the story presented on Financiato are entirely distinct from the creator of Financiato and the author of this guide book/program. The characters exist solely for the purpose of storytelling and inspiration. Their attributes, experiences, and identities bear no relation to the individuals responsible for the development of Financiato or the content within this guide.

Billion Dollar Blog Club©

While we aim to accept as many subscribers as possible, please note that not all submissions will be accepted into the Billion Dollar Blog Club©. However, we encourage you to keep trying, as your submission could be successful in the future. Many subscribers will apply, some may leave and start their own venture sperate from our team, and that is totally fine. Thank you for your understanding.

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