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What is it?

Just Three Tools

Providing Everything You Need

It just takes around 3-21 days to get everything done.

What is our program exactly?

Our program includes a guide, a template, and an eBook to ensure your online success. Our guide provides a quick rundown of our proven successes in just 11 minutes. The template is an exact copy and paste formula that you can use to build your approved website. And our eBook is a valuable resource that you can look back at for notes and reference whenever you need it. Ultimately, you will understand... 

  • How to create a simple website

  • Getting ads displayed on your site,

  • How you can make millions from your new digital billboard.


Let visitors earn you money.

Took us only 3-21 days

Image by Pawel Czerwinski

Financiato: The Ultimate Passive Income Guide for 2024 & Beyond

1. eBook

This is the long form secret to our success with our comprehensive eBook on how we made millions from our site and blog. Our 60-pages cover every detail of our journey, including proven strategies for attracting visitors, building engagement, and converting leads into sales. Learn from our experience. Moreover, this is written in our words, coming from uneducated folks who made it big.

2. Guide

(*Recommended first) A guide that makes achieving success in your business simple! The Simple Guide provides a summary of our tried-and-true strategies, all in one easy-to-follow, simple format. We walk you through every step of the process and even provide links to the vendors and programs that we use. Don't let complexity hold you back from your goals -remember, if our dumb a's can do it, you can do it too.

*We recommend using the Guide & Template first*

3. Template

Get access to the exact copy and paste template for creating successful blogs and sites with our easy-to-use Template. By following the strategies outlined in our guide, along with real-life examples of monetized websites, you can replicate their success. With our Template, the hard work has been done for you, so you can focus on creating content that sells.

Purple Sky

Pre-Order Results Are In: Discover What Our Early Subscribers Think

Josh Diggs

- "The guide is simple yet introduces a completely new concept for generating passive income. I would never have considered their approach on my own. Kudos to the two brothers for creating such a successful strategy. I plan to purchase their subscription to gain a license and replicate their success. Brilliant work! I will post another review once I see the results."

Todd Marsh

- "The idea is fantastic! This could be the easiest way to generate passive income if it proves successful. I appreciate the guide's efficiency and simplicity—it only took 20 minutes to read, with no unnecessary fluff. Now, I have the opportunity to earn passive income easily. *Note: You may need to hire experts on Fiverr to build a website if you lack the skills to do so yourself. I'm excited to see the outcomes!"

Denise Fowler

- "I'm envious of these two brothers. The quick guide is easy to follow, and I plan to purchase the license soon and try out their template!"

- "I eagerly anticipate a sequel to this guidebook. The strategy is pure genius, and I appreciate their innovative ideas."

Sam Holland

Genevieve Izzo

- "This guide is a great motivator for building passive income streams over the summer. Typically, I'm not one to keep valuable information to myself, but I almost want to keep Financiato a secret! I highly recommend this guide to all Gen-Zers looking to create a passive income stream."

- "This guide is similar to the free version available on their site. I assume it’s close to the complete version, but I’m not certain. Nonetheless, I want to thank the brothers for creating this guidebook and sharing their ideas with everyone."

Freddie Jones

- "Is this the best-kept secret? I'm thrilled to have been one of the first subscribers. Their marketing strategy and template are outstanding. I believe this could be applied to much more, making it a true game-changer. While the concept seems straightforward, their execution is brilliant. Love it!"

Donovan Nunez 

- "This guide is worth every penny. How am I one of the first reviewers? This is definitely going to be valued in the thousands soon."

Sharon Yu

Tatum Hobbs

- "I usually dislike courses, but I would love for the brothers to create one. I understand the concept and am already planning to purchase the license, but video tutorials would provide additional peace of mind for building a site without using Fiverr. Nevertheless, this is a five-star read and subscription."

- "They’re right—you just need the guide, template, and license. Although the eBook might be unnecessary, I still found it inspirational and motivating for starting a passive income stream. In my opinion, this is a perfect purchase."

Ashley Gomez

- "I subscribed and love everything Financiato offers. Wow, just wow! I want to see a movie about their millionaire journey as soon as possible!"

Nicole Bountrogianni


In Simpler Terms

Tatum Hobbs

Our short and easy program will help people make money (passive income) by guiding them how to start their own little internet club, called a blog, without needing to be super-smart or know a lot about computers. No technical experience needed. 


First, we show you how to make a blog using some help from a computer that writes articles by itself (A.I.). Subscribers can also get help from some friendly helpers on a website called Fiverr to make their blog look nice and add other features.

Once your blog is all set up, we teach you how to show ads on your site, which are like tiny billboards on your blog. When people visit the blog and see these ads, the owner (you) of the blog makes money. 

We also share a secret way on how to get lots of people to visit your blog, but we only tell this secret to people who subscribe.

It's just like when you set up a lemonade stand and tell all your friends to come and visit so you can sell more lemonade. We don't help make the lemonade or the stand, but we give you a really easy recipe and directions to make it all by yourself! 

This is all you need

Purple Sky


My brother and I, both in our mid-twenties (26 and 25), aren't what you'd call traditional businessmen. Our backgrounds? Pizza delivery drivers and part-time plumbers. Our academic achievements? Sparse. In spite of these hurdles and even our learning disabilities, we devised a way to build a passive income stream without needing to acquire new skills or return to school. Our method hinges on outsourcing tasks to specialists on Fiverr and using uncomplicated AI technology to produce content. This guide will shed light on how we transformed ourselves from humble delivery drivers into proprietors of a monetized platform. 

From our modest know-how of the online world, we grasped the idea that bloggers and YouTubers made their income through ad monetization and sponsorships. Discarding the thought of sponsorships, we focused solely on creating a platform, not as content creators, but as digital billboards to be monetized through Google AdSense.

We decided to make a blog. 100% content being generated with AI. We did no such writing or website building. We hired a person on Fiverr to build a blog site on WordPress (a website development and hosting platform) which cost us $71.99. The domain name (site address) cost us $12.99, and a hosting plan on WordPress business plan cost us $300 for the year. 

AI content generator that generated 280 (2000-3000 word) articles for us in two days cost us $49 mo. using AnyWord software. 

Upfront Expenses: 

  • Domain: $12.99 [<24hrs]

  • WordPress: $300 [<24hrs]

  • Fiverr Developer: $71.99 [2 days] 

  • AnyWord AI: $49 [3 days] 


Total So Far = $433.98 For the entire site with 280+ articles

Total Time = 3 days (Fiverr Developer & AI Article Generation done simultaneously). 


How much were we going to make? 

How much did we make? 


We made $161 Million using our techniques, templates, and strategies.

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