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Affiliate Program

Are you looking for a way to earn extra income? Join our affiliate program and earn $14.25 for every sale you refer to us! We provide you all the necessary creatives, or you can create your own ads using Canva® and our logos. It's easy and free to join, so sign up today and start earning!

Step 1. Create an account (Affiliate Portal linked below) & copy your affiliate link.

Step 2. Download our "Popular Three" creatives below. 

Step 3. Attach your affiliate link to one or more creative(s). 

Step 4. Promote and earn!

Join our (1) Our Affiliate Program below or (2) Share-A-Sale

Untitled design.gif

$14.25 Per Sale!

Join Share-A-Sale:

We've provided a range of creatives for you to use - simply click and download to get started. Help spread the word about Financiato via Share-A-Sale and start earning today! Social Media, Blogs, eCommerce Stores, anywhere!

Affiliate Promotion Options

You can promote Financiato on your social media channels by sharing engaging posts about our products and including your unique affiliate link. Encourage your followers to check out our website and earn money with each sale.

Write a blog post or create content on other online platforms discussing Financiato's offerings and how they can benefit your audience. Include your affiliate link within the content to track sales generated from your efforts.

Print your unique affiliate code on flyers or promotional materials and distribute them in your local area or at events. This way, you can reach a wider audience and earn commissions for every sale made through your code.

Square #1 (Affiliate - Bloggers).png
Square #2 (Affiliate - Bloggers) (2).png
Square #3 (Affiliate - Bloggers).png

Click on a creative to download. After that, post it on social media, blog, or other sources with your affiliate link. Earn $14.25 per sale!

Print & Distribute

1. Click on your favorite creative and download,

2. Visit QR-Monkey to generate your affiliate QR Code,

3. Upload creative & QR Code using Canva & download in PDF format, 

4. Print on Bizay® (4,000 for only $43), 

Ambassador #3 (Flyer).png
Ambassador #2 (Flyer).png
Ambassador #1 (Flyer).png


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