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The Search & Screenshot Game

Reward: $100

No Sign-Ups Required

Rules & instructions on 

Here's how to get started... 

1. Google

2. Read the rules & begin.

3. Read each category of articles & capture Fin the Dinosaur by taking a screenshot!

4. If you capture him, upload & submit your screenshot, located on the Game page on

5. Visit, play, capture, upload! Game restarts every 4 hours. Prize starts at $100. 

See FAQ on the Caspior website.

Note* There are a few rules... 

- You must disable Adblocker to see Fin! He doesn't show up when Adblocker is on! 

An example of a Google search for step 1.

Just a fun game we invented, where we can give back to our readers :)

Have fun!

Just a fun way to give back to our fans

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