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Free Business Giveaway

By Financiato©


Financiato© is giving away a replica of a subscriber's blogsite that earns $6,572 per month for FREE! Site earns money through paid sponsorships and display advertising.

  • There is no need to sell a product or service.

  • Maintenance time: 30 Min a month

  • Cost to maintain =$0

  • Total Cost = $0

Domain and site hosting is covered until January 2027. We'll provide everything you need to maintain the site.


You don't need to be an expert in coding or website developing or a writer. Everything is done for you, over 280 articles generated with the help of AI.


  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • TikTok

The winner is selected at random. Enter your email once. However, you need to share this giveaway with 3 friends to earn one valid entry. Create your referral link here after you sign up and confirm your email. Make sure you and your friends follow @billiondollarblogclub on Instagram and sign-up for our newsletter below. We will contact the winner via email.

Enter the giveaway

Share / Refer


No purchase necessary to enter.
You refer, we notice, you win.

To check it out, visit this link. Start reading easily via categories.

Winner selected 9PM PST September 14th, 2024.

Or create a $6,572+ per month revenue generating business yourself?

Why not create a similar business yourself? Or create multiple sites? Make 10 replicas of our site and earn $65K+ per month instead of $6.5K mo! Do what we did.

If you're ready to create a business like one of ours, then subscribe to Financiato© and discover how we generated over $100M+ in one year using the same strategy. The best part? We didn't even build the site ourselves; we hired on Fiverr, and the total cost was around $400 for everything, including 280 AI-generated articles. Just use our Guide & Template (Copy and Paste).

Limited availability to prevent competition

Already have a blog? Want us to invest in you?

Join the Billion Dollar Blog Club©

Accepted members of our Billion Dollar Blog Club© can earn over $4.2 million from their blog. We retain 60%, while the blog owner keeps 40%. We manage all aspects, including costs and marketing. Limited slots are currently available, with more opening up in the future.


The Spirit Behind the Giveaway & Closing Thoughts

A transfer of a digital asset; aiming to empower aspiring entrepreneurs. Anyone can achieve success in the digital world. Read our story and guide on how to do what we did. Main website: Financiato


This opportunity to own our online giveaway business for free is a gateway into the world of digital entrepreneurship, underscored by the promise of generating passive income with minimal upkeep. Work smarter, not harder: an important quote our eBook, guide, and template is built on.

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