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The easiest & most preferred survey company... Just read.

Survey Reward: $400


Part A: 

1. Form a group of five members (friends, family, etc.)

2. Click the "Generate Team Name" button below to create your team name. 

*Make sure to copy that name, and save it somewhere. All five members of your team must use this team name

Part B:  On their own device, each member must...

1. Google National Auto Reviews. 

2. Visit the 'Categories' page.

3. Paste your team code. 

4. Then, begin by clicking on your first survey (out of 28)

5. Each survey page contains links to ten AI generated articles. 

6. Read through each article, then go back to the previous survey page & rate each article out of five stars.

7. Finally, at the bottom, paste your team name & hit submit!

Once you complete all 28 categories, we will be notified and a "Congratulations" page will appear on your end!

Easy as can be!

Note* There are a few rules... 

1. You must disable Adblocker before you begin. Our AI tool cannot read your ratings with Adblocker enabled.

2. You may not "speed scroll" and leave.


You may create as many teams as you'd like. More teams of five, more chances. 

A Google Search for step 1.
How categories page looks like on the example website.
How to make sure readers rate the article.

Instead, take the time and read. Some visitors read their articles in 5-10 minutes, some take longer. Just slowly scroll, annotate if you wish, and enjoy the read. Our AI Tools monitor how much time you spend on each article. This is to protect our site and data from bot activity.


* The purpose of this experiment is to test our AI Generator Tools and resell your ratings and feedback to our partnering Survey Research companies.

Our goal is to better understand AI and how we can make it more realistic.

Thank you for participating.

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