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The Guide by Financiato (Free)

The Simpler Step-By-Step Guide: Written by two dumbass millionaire brothers.

For those who don’t like reading, all you need is this guide. No bells and whistles included! Super easy, not long at all. We apologize for our grammar & spelling mistakes.

¯\_( ͡❛ ͜ʖ ͡❛)_/¯

(Available for the first few thousand readers)

Our updated Guide, eBook, and Template (Copy & Paste our live examples) is available for $385 linked here. When you subscribe, you also get a licensing agreement and our permission to execute our strategies.

Main Website:

Our Business Giveaway: Link

Our BDB Club: Link

Strategy Value: ≈ $1.68 M

Core Goal: Inviting readers to visit our site so we can earn revenue from display ads. 

Simple Synopsis: 

So you don’t like reading? No worries; we don’t either. So, welcome to our plain and simple guide. Our full eBook is waiting whenever you’re ready, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves! 

As a reminder, my brother and I (both in our mid-twenties) aren't what you'd call traditional businessmen. Our backgrounds? Pizza delivery drivers and part-time plumbers. Our academic achievements? Sparse. 

We’ve fought through learning disabilities and other hurdles to get where we are today. And now, we’ve devised a way to build a passive income stream without spending years acquiring new skills or returning to school. 

Our method hinges on outsourcing tasks to specialists on Fiverr and using uncomplicated AI technology to produce content. This guide will shed light on how we transformed ourselves from humble delivery drivers into proprietors of a monetized platform. 

What we knew before...

From our modest know-how of the online world, we latched onto the idea that bloggers and YouTubers made their income through ad monetization and sponsorships. We decided to focus solely on creating a platform, not as content creators, but as digital billboards to be monetized through Google AdSense. 

Those who own physical billboards are paid handsomely to display ads. So why can’t we do the same thing online? Whether it’s motorists on a highway or people scrolling through their phone, a well-placed ad can grab anyone’s attention. 

That’s why we wanted to establish a site where businesses could advertise their products and we could earn money by boosting their visibility. Here is how we made this dream a reality, simplified for you.

We started with a blog. These are easy to set up nowadays, and 100% of our content was generated with AI. Virtually no writing or website design was required. We then hired a collaborator on Fiverr to build our blog site on WordPress. 

The person we worked with charged $71.99 for this task. Our chosen domain name cost us another $12.99, and a hosting plan on WordPress business plan added an additional $300 for the year. 

We used an AI content generator to create 280 articles (between 2000-3000 words each) in two days. It’s a huge amount of content, and it only costs $49 per month using AnyWord software. 

Upfront Expenses: 

  • Domain: $12.99 [<24hrs]

  • WordPress: $300 [<24hrs]

  • Fiverr Developer: $71.99 [2 days] 

  • AnyWord AI: $49 [3 days] 

Total So Far = $433.98 (This included costs for the entire site, complete with 280+ articles)

Total Time = 3 days (Fiverr Developer & AI Article Generation done simultaneously)

Just like any other business, there is a bit of upfront investment. But our method is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to start the process. Now there’s a new question: How much money were we going to make once we got started?

AdSense and other Ad monetization companies like Ezoic, MediaVine, Raptive, etc. all have different rates. There are several factors to consider, but we agree with the multitude of bloggers and content creators who recommend Ezoic. This option is one of the highest-paying ad platforms on the market today.

But in the end, it all really depends on the niche you’re aiming for. Below, we will give you examples of current niches and their estimated earnings per page view (EPMV).



Per View

[EPMV] 2000+ Word Articles

[Per View] 2000+ Word Articles






Real Estate





Home & Garden





Business & Industrial















Jobs & Education





Law & Government





Internet & Telecom










Auto & Vehicles





Pets & Animals





Hobbies & Leisure





People & Society





Beauty & Fitness















Online Communities





Food & Drink




















Arts & Entertainment





Books & Literature










EPMV is the metric that Ad Platforms like Ezoic will pay you by placing as many ads on your page as possible to get the highest earnings per page view. The niches above are sorted from highest to lowest, with the ‘Finance’ blog niche earning the highest at $31.20 per thousand page views, and a blog or site about ‘Games’ being on the lower end at $4.94 per thousand page views. This also takes content length into consideration. If your content/articles are 2000+ words, then you have an opportunity to earn 4-5x the EPMV rate above. Remember, our AI-generated 2000-3000 words per article, so we hit 5x the average AdSense EPMV rate. Also, we were able to do a Finance niche that earned us $140 per thousand views. 

So if one person saw our article, we earned $0.14! 

So how are we going to make people go to our site?

Well, why do people play the lottery? Interested lottery goers visit convenience stores or retailers who provide such tickets, to buy a chance to win a prize. However, we cannot sell tickets at a price. That would be an illegal lottery. However, you can create a game or game of chance, but people cannot pay to enter. Perfect for us, we don't need to ask for money. Whenever some person visits us, we get paid. As seen above with our finance niche blog, whenever a person views a single article page, we earn an estimated $0.14 per view. 

What if, instead of people going to a C-Store and purchasing a lottery run by state governments, they grab a free ticket/flyer from a Ticket Display stand (very small), filled with thousands of flyers/tickets that look like the example: 

This grabs their attention. Why pay money for a chance to win $100 prize, when they can participate in a free program (the blog owned by us) for a chance to win $400? It’s not risky for them and it generates passive income for us. Win-win!

On the back, we’ll create more info for the potential participants to gain more interest. 

As they approach and learn more about our promotion, we earn a commission for their engagement. If they pick up a flyer and look through it, that’s another dime in our pocket. And if they decide to enter the competition, it’s yet another chance to earn.

There are other ways to expand the process and spark more interest. For instance, we create our own surveys for participants to read and rate our articles.

While they read, we earn.


You must be thinking? This deal might seem too good to be true. You might be thinking, “Are you really going to pay $400 to every person who completes a survey?” 

Well, for starters, we made unique Terms of Service, including a disclaimer that notes that the participant must complete 28 Surveys within a given time frame. They will need to put in some effort before they earn the reward!

As you can see on our example website, each survey requires the participant to read 10 articles and rate them out of five stars. Participants just need to read and rate, and they’ll get paid. Simple right? 

However, during our studies, we calculated that the average participant completes only 20 surveys in the given time. In order to earn the prize, a person must review 280 articles and complete 28 surveys. This is only one survey a day, but very few people actually see it through to completion! 

We noticed that 99.78% of participants only completed 24 surveys in the 28 days. That means that very few people actually qualify for the $400 payout. It’s a low risk, high reward design for us. But if a participant is dedicated, they can still put in the work and earn their reward.

How much should we earn per participant? 

As mentioned above, if 99.78% of all participants complete 24 surveys, they read 240 articles.

That is… 24 (surveys) * 10 (articles each survey) = 240 Total Articles Read per 28 days (month). 

Our niche, we earned $0.14 per page view/article view. 

Average Participant: 240 Pages * $0.14 = $33.60 per participant. Extraordinary! 

In the example template we provide, we created this website and blog about cars (Site is only shown to those who subscribe, subscribe here). Of course, these numbers will fluctuate based on your niche and content. We should earn around $0.056 per page/article view. 

Average Participant: 240 Pages * $0.056 = $13.44 per participant. Amazing! 

So how did we make millions? 

Making between $10-$30 per person is a great start!

But is it really enough to justify the upfront costs and the occasional $400 payouts?

As mentioned above, we want to target those who like to play a fun game of chance and win rewards or win cash easily. We provide that on our site. Furthermore, we ordered bulk flyers 4x6 like the ones mentioned above, 1000 flyers for $10.01 (including shipping to our location). 

Those interested per location, would see the flyer and participate. 

Furthermore, a thousand of these flyers would typically be taken and run out within a month (13-15 days to be exact). 

Cost: Per location, we spent $10.01 + $5.77 (ship our flyers box to retailer) = $15.78

Earnings: Per location, we earned an average of $33.60 (see above) per participant.

1000 (Participants) * $33.60 = $33,600 Per Location 

How many successful rewards were given out = 0 

Profit: $33,600 - $15.78 = $33,584.22 per month. 

Maximizing Revenue: Now, what if we make a partnership with that same Retailer location, and place another 1000 flyers (which get taken in weeks) every month for 12 months?

We let that retailer know that for every successful participant who completes all 28 surveys for a reward, they would also receive $400. A great deal for the retail owner. Doesn’t cost him/her anything, except for a small checkout area space. 

Carrying on, $33,584.22 (per month) * 12 months = $403,010.64

Expected profit per location for one year. 

The Millionaire Mindset Model: 

Why stop at only one location? 

We put our flyers in 400 locations with the help of another free service called Caspiot: Free Advertising Services. A highly recommended service to get free displays and flyers at whichever retailer you prefer.

We pursued their DIY service, as we are still one of the first few hundred buyers. This way, we used their list to contact distributors and work with them to distribute our flyers with ease for no upfront fee. We purchased their DIY list for $1,700 at the time, which is currently priced at $739 for 2 years. 

400 Locations * $403,010 = $161,204,000 (You read that right. $161 Million in one year). 

Now you know our idea. How we made millions using a traditional way of getting a users attention... physical marketing. People scroll and ignore social media ads or anything digital these days. Flyers are attention grabbing!

Keep this method/strategy a secret. Build a similar concept and upload your URL using our Template post so we can invest in your blog and unique strategy.

To help you out, we made a short & sweet step-by-step list to jump-start your digital billboard immediately! Remember, when you subscribe, you have our permission to copy & paste our student's websites (linked on our Template). To make things even easier, you can hire a Fiverr expert like we did.

Step 1: Pick A Niche

  1. There are several niches you can decide to choose from. Above are examples of Niches and expected earnings per 1000 impressions. 

  2. Visit this sheet to see a list of niches and their estimated earnings per 1000 views from AdSense. 

Step 2: WordPress 

  • We will not use Wix, SquareSpace, etc. for our website. 

  • Create an account for free with or (cheaper & recommended). 

  • Study our free example website already approved for monetization: (Site is only shown to those who subscribe). Subscribe here (This site is monetized by Ezoic, AdSense, and approved for Google MCM). We used another platform that we do not list in this guide. But no worries, we strongly believe that the platforms mentioned above like Ezoic, MediaVine, Monumentric, etc. are way better.

Permission to use by one of our successful buyers. 

I. Domain: Choose a domain name for your brand/blog/site. 

(or, if you do not know how this process works, then we recommend you work with someone on Fiverr who can do everything listed below, from start to finish. Furthermore, ask them to hand you all the credentials once delivered).

II. Fiverr

  1. Go to Fiverr and register for a free account. 

  2. Search on Fiverr for website developers or WordPress Blog Expert. 

  3. Hire one developer to build you a replica of our site above. 

(We do not mean to copy & paste our articles, Google will know this and could ban you). Instead, tell your hiree to make something very similar. 

i. Copy our approval theme from our website

ii. Copy & replace certain words from our Privacy Policy

Note* WordPress or AdSense approval experts of Fiverr should know what to do. There are countless designs out there, Pick whatever you choose that can be approved by Google and Ad Monetization companies easily. 

  1. Once you hire an expert on Fiverr, add their WordPress credentials (add them as Admin) so they can build your site. (Or as mentioned above, ask your Fiverr hire to build everything from start to finish, including choosing a domain name for your site if you are having trouble thinking of one). 

Step 3. AnyWord (or another AI content service you like). 

  1. Sign up for Anyword for $49 per month (if you plan to do article copy & pasting yourself)

  2. Go with the $99-month plan (if you want to have one or two seats and hire a Fiverr expert to copy & paste articles for you on your WordPress site. Many Fiverr experts know how to use WordPress, so you can add them as an Author or contributor. Furthermore, they will Generate, Copy, and Paste your articles for you). 

  3. Get familiar with their platform if you wish. We recommend using their 2000-3000 word article/blog generator that creates content in minutes. Play with the program, and get to know it. It’s very simple to use. 

  4. Aim for at least 30-50 articles for easy approval from Ad monetization programs. 

Step 4. Apply To AdSense, Google MCM, and Ezoic 

This should be an easy process. This example for signing up is for AdSense, you can do the same for Google MCM. 

Google AdSense / MCM

  1. Visit AdSense Website: Go to the Google AdSense website at

  2. Sign In or Sign Up: If you already have a Google Account, sign in. If not, click on "Sign Up Now" to create a Google Account.

  3. Provide Website Details: After signing in, click on "Sign Up Now" in your AdSense account. Enter your website URL and select the language of your content.

  4. Enter Your Information: Fill in your contact information, including your payee name, address, and phone number. Ensure the information is accurate.

  5. Agree to Terms and Conditions: Read through the AdSense Terms and Conditions. If you agree, check the box indicating your acceptance.

  6. Choose Your Ad Preferences: Select the types of ads you want to display on your site. You can always change these preferences later. (Not necessary for us). 

  7. Verify Your Phone Number: Google may ask you to verify your phone number by sending a code. Enter the code to confirm your identity.

  8. Connect Your Site to AdSense: Follow the instructions to connect your website to AdSense. This may involve adding a code snippet to your site or using a Google product like Google Analytics. (Let a Fiverr Expert do this for you). 

  9. Wait for Review: After connecting your site, your application will be under review. This process can take a few days.

  10. Receive Approval Email: If your application is approved, you will receive an email from Google AdSense. This email will contain instructions on how to set up ads on your website.

This should be it. You should successfully have signed up for Google AdSense. Remember to comply with AdSense policies and guidelines to ensure continued approval and a positive experience with the platform. *Again, Google policy changes unknowingly. 

II. Ezoic

  1. Visit Ezoic's Website: Go to the Ezoic website at

  2. Sign Up: Look for the "Sign Up" or "Get Started" button on the homepage and click on it.

  3. Create an Account: Fill out the required information to create your Ezoic account. This typically includes your email address, a password, and basic details about your website.

  4. Choose Your Platform: Select "WordPress" as your website platform during the sign-up process.

  5. Connect Your WordPress Site: Follow the on-screen instructions to connect your WordPress site to Ezoic. This may involve installing the Ezoic plugin on your WordPress site. You can find the plugin in the WordPress Plugin Directory.

  6. Provide Website Details: Fill in details about your website, including the URL and niche.

  7. Set Up Ezoic: Once your site is connected, follow the prompts to set up Ezoic on your WordPress site. This may include adjusting ad settings and configurations.

  8. Wait for Approval: Ezoic will review your website and application. This process may take some time.

  9. Receive Approval Email: If your application is approved, you'll receive an email with further instructions on how to proceed.

Step 5: Fiverr Part II 

  1. Go to Fiverr again

  2. Search on Fiverr for WordPress developers to develop your main survey page like this: (Template is only shown to those who subscribe). Subscribe here 

  3. Hire one developer to build you a replica of our survey page site linked above. 

(We do not mean to copy & paste exactly, Google will know this and could ban you). Instead, tell your hiree to make something very similar. 

Step 6: Flyers Initiation 

  1. Look for cheaper flyer printing services. Try to aim for 1000 for $20 or less. 

  2. Use a similar Flyer Ad template like ours on the template page on our site. 

  3. Begin replacing your site name and links.

  4. If you’d like a QR link on your flyer, go to free QR generators and upload your QR code to your flyer. Design it to your preference. 

*Note: Optional Step A. If you are not design savvy, go onto Fiverr and search for Ad Creators or Flyer designers to make one for you. 

Step 7: Caspiot 

  1. Go to Caspiot: Free Business Services or 

  2. Apply for free, either their product or Free Display Advertising services. 

  3. We strongly recommend purchasing their DIY List right away for location displaying in bulk. At this point in time, they should have limited slots available for their DIY program. 

Note* We are featured on their website as their highly successful testimonial!

Step 8: Execution

  1. Get those flyers out! Use the DIY Membership, call yourself. Get this done, and earn your money.


Ladies and gentlemen, this is how we did. So, do it. Again, we are only giving away this program that includes this simplified guide, a template for your website/blog, and an eBook that tells you a little more in story form. 

This program is only available for the first few hundred buyers (or more depending on how many blogs we want to invest in our Billion Dollar Blog Club). We plan to keep this a secret. We want more people to join us. If you can create this, then the first few hundred completed sites have the opportunity to submit their creation once approved by Ad Networks. Then we will take a look, and contact those who have done it to our liking. Wow us, and we will ask you to join us and build our billion-dollar blog club. You don’t have to. But again, the first 240 readers (or more) who do this, and build a nice site, get to join our club. 


Check out our template page (available for subscribers only) as well. You only need this guide. No need to read our eBook. The template is basically a rundown of how your websites and flyer ads should look like. The template also includes our favorite vendors. We recommend them. 


Authorized Use: Subscriber Permission Only

If you are a subscriber to our $385 program, you have our permission to execute the strategies outlined in our guide. By subscribing to the $385 program, you join our exclusive club and gain the right to implement the successful tactics we used.

Important Notice: Unauthorized Use of Strategies

The strategies and tactics outlined in Financiato's guide are patented under a pseudonym and multiple LLCs. Any attempt to implement our strategies without authorization is strictly prohibited. If we discover that you have executed our strategies or notice any similarities in your website's tactics, we will take legal action and press charges against you.

Copyright Infringement Warning

Financiato's guide is a detailed account of how we, the millionaire brothers, achieved our success. This guide is protected by copyright law. If we identify any resemblance of our strategies on YouTube, social media platforms, or any other sharing medium, we will pursue legal action and sue for copyright infringement.

We take the protection of our intellectual property very seriously and will act aggressively to defend our rights.


This is the disclaimer for our entire course/eBook/template/program. You must know that Google, Google AdSense, Ezoic, and other Ad Mediation Platforms may change their rules at any time. We will not be responsible for their new policy changes, as they change all the time. Furthermore, we recommend you get started and take advantage of this opportunity right away. Be smart and don’t go against Google’s or AdSense, or any platforms we mentioned above. Do not reward users/visitors to click on ads. This is actually messed up and we do not recommend this route. Let your visitors actually read your articles and take your ratings.

Full Disclaimer about Financiato can be read in our Privacy Policy, Terms Of Service, parts in our course/eBook/template, and Disclaimer page on our website.

Financiato's content is unique and copyrighted. Do not share with others. We encourage you to keep our and your business ideas, tools, guides, etc. a secret. As we mentioned before, the secret to success... is keeping it a secret.


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