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How to get AdSense approved?

Get AdSense, Ad Manager, and Ezoic approved. How Financiato's eBook/Program Can Help You Monetize Your Website

Just copy & paste our live website examples linked in our Template.

A Blogger scrolling through Google and signing up for AdSense.
Google AdSense by Financiato

Are you looking to monetize your website but not sure where to start? Financiato's eBook/program offers a unique solution with a template and live example that you can use to jump-start your monetization journey.

How to get AdSense approved?

Our program includes a template and live example of a student's website that is already serving ads and approved by Google Ad Manager. You have our permission to copy and paste this live website blog onto your own site. Just remember to replace the content with your own, whether it be AI-generated or genuine.

The best part? Our example website is entirely AI-generated and earns $20 or more per thousand visits. This means that with the right strategy, you could potentially earn a significant income from your website.

Monetizing your website doesn't have to be complicated. With Financiato's eBook/program, you can get started quickly and easily. So why wait? Start monetizing your website today with Financiato's help!


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