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Billion Dollar Blog Club©

Introducing the Billion Dollar Blog Club by Financiato We'll invest in Your Blog!

Made For:

+ All Bloggers (new or experienced)

+ Aspiring influencers

+ Entrepreneurs

As of March 2024, we announced the launch of the Billion Dollar Blog Club© by Financiato. Now, every subscriber has the opportunity to submit their finished blog or website using the URL Uploader located on our Template post. We'd like to invest in those who read our eBook and strategy guide, designed to increase blog revenue through unconventional ways of attracting visitors to your site. Financiato is open to splitting ad revenue with those who do what we did!

Made for newbies with $0 blog revenue. Let us grow & manage your site. 

An image of a billionaire man hanging freely and joyously from his yacht.
Billion Dollar Blog Club

Investing in Your Site

At Financiato, you may know that we have our own methods of boosting blog/site revenue with display advertising. Of course, we only give our ideas to a few thousand subscribers to prevent competition. That's why we're committed to investing in your blog's success. As a subscriber of Financiato, you are automatically invited to apply to the Billion Dollar Blog Club©. You'll have access to a range of exclusive benefits:

1. Cost Coverage: We'll cover all the costs associated with running your blog, including advertising and hosting fees, so you can focus on creating amazing content (or AI content).

2. Revenue Share: You'll also have the opportunity to earn a share of the revenue generated by your blog, providing you with a steady stream of income. We manage everything, you keep 80%, we keep 20%. We know how to grow a blog to $4.2 million per year. Furthermore, you'll take $3.36M for yourself. 

3. Website Review: Members can submit their websites for review, and if accepted, they'll receive personalized feedback and tips for optimizing their site for success. Not all subscribers will be accepted.


Our blog (not disclosed) earned us $161M+ from display ads in one year. Our subscribers are earning tens of thousands in their first month. No need to worry if your blog earnings are at or around $0. You already know that we give you one of our students' live website(s), so you can copy & paste his strategy and website template.

Join Us Today

We're currently seeking 240 blogsites to join the Billion Dollar Blog Club, but we have plans to expand our membership in the near future. You don't have to have any earnings to join. Our club is for newbies. We just want to know that you are willing to be part of our BDBC. If you're passionate about your blog earnings and ready to take it to the next level, then we invite you to join us.

Soon, our 240 BDBC members will revenue $4.2 Million per year with our strategies.

Together, we will generate over a billion dollars in revenue by 2026.

Apply Now

Ready to join the Billion Dollar Blog Club? Become a subscriber and submit your website for review today and start your journey towards blogging success with Financiato.

We seriously can't wait to welcome you to the club!

How can I get Financiato for free?

We’re offering a limited and exclusive opportunity to subscribe to our program for free and unlock the secrets to making millions from your blog.


Originally aimed at entrepreneurs looking to earn from blogging, Financiato now makes it easier for current bloggers to grow. Our program includes an eBook and strategy guide that covers everything from attracting more visitors to your site to optimizing your ad revenue with platforms like AdSense and Ezoic. With our proven strategies, you can take your blog to new heights of success.


To qualify for your free subscription, all you need to do is complete 10 sales through our affiliate program within the next 180 days. This exclusive offer is limited to prevent competition, so act fast to secure your spot. You just need to display our creatives on your blog and insert your affiliate link.

Apply Now

Ready to join the Billion Dollar Blog Club? Subscribe and submit your website for review today (using our URL Uploader on our 'Template') and start your journey towards blogging success with Financiato. Application is for our subscribers only.

See disclaimer on our website. There is no guarantee to get accepted to our BDBC. You have to 'wow' us. It will be our board members choice to select the first few hundred (to a thousand) blogsites.


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