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Partner with Financiato

Earn A 5% Commission

This should cost less than $0.07 to set-up on your end.

You earn $14.25 per sale! Simple process below.

1. Fill out our sign-up form

Takes 1-3 min

a. Business Name

b. Business Address

c. Payee Full Name


2. Generate your QR Code

a. Click generate QR code on the right side column.

3. Download | Print | Display

a. Download the generated printout with your code.

b. Print your file (must be in color). 

c. Display the flyer/marketing material by the checkout counter.

d. Wait & earn!

This is all you need

Display your unique flyer by your checkout stand, or anywhere you believe will attract customers.

Whenever a customer visits our link with your unique code, and purchases our program, you earn up to $57 (20% of our program). Simple as that! If we get sales from your code, then we pay you via check and mail your reward on the 28th of every month.

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